What Brands Can Learn From Oreo's Tweet“Power out? No problem.” 

That was the wonderfully simple tweet that Oreo sent out during the Super Bowl blackout. 22 characters that we retweeted and talked about days after the event. What does this say about media, brands and consumer engagement? 

  1. People are not just on one screen at a time. Think TVs, computers, smart phones, tablets…simultaneously.
  2. There is a two-way conversation happening.
  3. Brands have got to be in those spaces with the consumers.
  4. What’s worse than not being where your customers are? Ignoring them.
  5. Because of multi-screen engagement and social media spaces, brands have lost the ability to control timing, content and media. It’s just the facts. The sooner a brand gets that, the better off they’ll be.

Oreo took the opportunity to speak to potential consumers during a time they knew people were listening and in a space they knew they were in and that time, it worked. It’s important to play and experiment to see what works. With all of the different types of social engagement, brands need to get comfortable with change.

It’s a great time to create some wonder! 

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