What really is the purpose of social media for a brand? To get more likes? More followers?  Those are the questions that many businesses are focused on and they are missing the point. Alone, that number of likes and followers doesn’t mean much. The best thing social media can do for a brand is engage people.

There is endless stream of content and interaction that draws people’s attention. We have more choices than ever on the companies we will listen to or do business with. Social media provides fantastic avenues for companies of any size to reach out and connect.

It’s deceiving to think of all of those likes and followers as a number to measure for success. The real success of social media is when you can use it to personally connect with others. Provide constant and unique content (think pictures, videos, blog posts, updates, tutorials). Share the content of others as well (comment on posts, share articles others have shared, give shout outs to people, spread their messages, show support). And keep doing it. Lots of it.

Social media can feel like a lot of effort for little reward. But there’s no going back and it’s unavoidable. No one can do it better for your brand than someone involved in your business, someone who knows it well, and has something at stake. It’s pointless to constantly drool over the number of likes and followers. Instead, decide how you can produce more content and reach out to people in a more personal way. Welcome to the world today.

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