Penguin Servants

Ask many professionals in the marketing field what the primary objectives of the job are and many will answer that it is to service and respond to client requests. They may quickly add that clients have become more unreasonable than ever while trying to navigate through the major modern changes in the way people engage and that they often feel as though they are servants to those clients’ every whim. In the same scenario, the companies serviced by those reps often complain that marketing is a necessary evil yet they don’t really believe any of it actually works.

But businesses don’t need marketing executives who provide excellent customer service, meet client expectations and hang their hats on timely response. They need marketers who understand the value of the knowledge and direction they provide and who put the success of that business above the conveniebce of agreement at all costs. It’s comfortable to be the former and risky to be the latter but where there is no risk, there really isn’t much value. 

Great marketers thrive because they help clients learn what they don’t yet know. They would rather risk loosing a client by pushing them too much, for the client’s best interest, rather than to simply say yes to every demand.

Good service is a commodity. Smart, proactive thinking is not. Companies can find good service anywhere, but there is a real shortage of unique marketing leadership. For many, it begins and ends with self-perception. We are worth what we think we’re worth and are treated accordingly by the roles we choose to play. 

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