Does the majority of your time and best work go to the never satisfied, unwilling to change or contentious client? Perhaps it does and you don’t even realize it. In any case, if this is true, you’ve created a system in which you meet their unreasonable demands at any cost to you and your team. I’ve always said to fire clients that drain you and leave you less effective at your career. Don’t waste time on people who have no interest in building a true relationship, clients who want answers yesterday yet are always right and those unable to see things from a different perspective.

So I’ve got that rule down, right?

Not exactly. It’s a motto I have to recommit to every morning when I start again. Even recently, I found myself grappling with letting go of a client who drains me of my creativity, passion and resources. They are a client whom I believe in and know they could be incredibly successful if they only just took some direction and stayed the course. My team and I know we can provide a solution for their needs so we’ve kept at their game, letting them waste both their time and ours.

Stop Hammer TIme

The answer is clear. It’s time to make peace with moving on. When I say it aloud, I can actually feel my enthusiasm and positivity come back to me. Do you have clients that get your best work and don’t deserve it? How much more could you do for the clients who are receptive to your expertise?

Remind yourself every day, love what you do and do what you love.




Picture Courtesy of Afroswede/Flickr

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