Following the highly buzzed about Millenials, the group that makes up Generation Z, born from 1990 through 2010, is truly one that has been exposed to technology since the very beginning. They have access to information starting at a very young age and marketers will need to adapt to their multi-screen, tech-savvy habits.

Gen Z spend 3.9 hours a week watching TV online. 70% of 10-13 year olds have a mobile device and more than 1/3rd of them use a tablet regularly (The Intellegence Group). Those that have grown up with the proliferation of technology change their attention between mediums (tablets, smartphones, computers, TV and magazines) 27 times an hour–that’s nearly every other minute!

What are the Gen Zs doing on those multiple devices? According to the research, 71% are visiting social networking sites, 63% are on the web and 57% are multitasking while doing homework.

So what does it take to earn the attention of this group? Marketers need to reach them in spaces that they occupy and to provide unique experiences that will capture their attention. Gen Zs expect more from brands and are continually reevaluating the brands they choose so innovation, authenticity and uniqueness are crucial. Successful marketing is not all about the brand these days. It’s about the engagement of the consumers. It’s about the conversation.

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