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It sounds like a bunch of jargon. The terms are trendy. Some may not yet be in Merriam Webster…but likely they can be found in the Urban Dictionary. And by “in the dictionary” I do not mean go check the book out of your downtown library. Whatever it is that you prefer to call this shift in lifestyle, it’s not a craze and it’s definitely not going away.

There have always been fads and what’s currently en vogue will vary from one moment to the next. But I promise you, this is not a fad. There has been tremendous change to the way we live and communicate very recently and very quickly.  Technology has altered the way we interact with each other. On the surface, it may seem less personal, as it’s easy to “hide” behind a screen of some sort. The truth is, we are revealing more about ourselves to a bigger audience every moment. And the world can’t get enough.

The digital revolution is not organized. It is scattered and wide and will never be consistent.  Get over the belief that this movement is going to pass; we will not outlive it and it’s not necessary to understand it completely. Perfection is definitely not expected but new, constant and innovative is. There is no point in worrying about how to catch up or learn it all; the only requirement is participation.

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