You’re at an event and standing with a group of people. The three people you knew have just left the gathering and the topic turns to something you are completely uninterested in. Your mind wanders to the things you need to get done that evening. Did you put the flag up on the mailbox this morning? There’s so and so, you should really go say hello to her before you leave. You focus back in on the conversation, but still, it has not to do with you so you excuse yourself and head across the room to talk to someone you know.

People respond when they are spoken to. Yet, over and over, I see businesses marketing themselves to everyone. They insist on giving the laundry list of services and pat themselves on the back for their excellent customer care and knowledgable staff. The problem with this approach is that it’s an announcement. If you don’t want others to shout at you, make sure you’re not shouting yourself. If you want engagement, know who you’re talking to.


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